Tell us a story… best one wins a Paco Collar!

We’re all about getting Paco Collars to folks who truly deserve them, and
what better way to assess deservedness than with a good old fashioned

Here’s the premise: tell us why your dog deserves a Paco Collar and the best
story will win you the Paco Collar of your choice.

The story can be true, it can be made-up, heck, if you can only write sci-fi
then roll with it, but it has to be entertaining. The winning story will be
posted on our website, so try and keep it at least PG13 and it cannot exceed
1,000 words (that should give you plenty of leeway). Points added for
creativity and mention of “Paco Collars.”

What’s that, Wordsmith? You are a gifted writer but already have a Paco
Collar? Don’t be so greedy and send in a submission on behalf of a friend.
They’ll appreciate it and your work will be, kind of, published.

Cut off date is August 31, 2008 so get your entries in now! Send entries
to ASAP!

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