Laser Etched Quetza-Collars Are Here!

Laser Collars

To celebrate the year of the Dragon, our newest laser etched design features Quetzalcoatl, the Mesoamerican feathered serpent god (okay, calling him a “dragon” may be a stretch but we’ve got wikipedia on our side). The image of Quetzalcoatl has varied through the millenia, but this version by renown artist Jesse Hernandez blends, according to his site, “traditional indigenous styles and themes with an urban street sensibility.” (if you want to see some really cool stuff, check out his vinyl toy collection here)

This collar design will only be available for a short time (through the end of August). The quantities will be limited, 36 total, and the collars will be numbered. Why only 36 collars? We chose that number to honor the three generations of dragon-babies currently in the shop (Ana Poe and Jason were born in 1976, Josie was born in 1988, and the newest Paco crew member is due to pop out this October 2012).

In order to ensure a perfect fit and color combo, we are accepting pre-orders and collars will be constructed according to your preferences (and yes, they can be made as martingales!). Regular turnaround time of 2-3 weeks applies and dark collars (black and brown) can be finished with either gold or silver luster for a bolder look.

If your dog wants to rock the year of the Dragon in Aztec style, follow these links to order while you can!

Quetza-Collar Small
Quetza-Collar Medium
Quetza-Collar Large

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