Xochi wins

Every quadrennial we join as a nation to celebrate our athletes in the Olympic Games. It’s fun and all, but have you ever thought, “Hmmm, if they just had a competition for ______ then my dog could be a gold medal winner.” Well here’s your chance…

This week, we at Paco Collars are hosting the “Virtual Dog-lympics”! You make up the category (“Gold medal winner in bed warming!” “Can hold the longest treat-on-nose balance!” etc), between Aug 8-13 share a picture of your dog excelling at the event, on Aug 13 we’ll begin the voting process, and then we’ll announce the Gold, Silver, and Bronze winners (who will all win Paco Collars, of course). Gold medal will be determined by number of “likes” on the photo, Silver will be determined by the Paco Collars crew, and Bronze will be decided by wild card (number of comments? made us laugh the most? we’re not telling…).

To enter, go here and follow the instructions: Dog-lympics
*** Please note, there are two phases to the contest. You will submit your photos from August 8-13, then photos will be open for voting Aug 13-17. Winners announced Aug 21!***

If competition is not your thing, no worries, we’re also having a sale! 15% off all web orders plus 50% off shipping (up to $6). Just type in the coupon code “DOGLYMPICS”
Sale goes live now and ends 8/21/12, so score your winner a winning collar while you can!

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