Paco is a Blocky Dog!

So when I met Rebecca Reed from Blocky Dogs I knew I’d found a kindred spirit. I mean, here’s somebody who is DIY, makes a kick-ass product, and has solid ethics. Talking to her about herself and her company is like talking to a mirror, but different. Juliene likes to refer to Blocky Dogs as “Bizarro Paco Collars” (you know, like Bizarro Superman) since our companies are so similar.

Very quickly, Blocky Dogs hand makes heavy duty nylon collars with quality as a priority. Rebecca began the company after wanting a heavy duty, yet fun looking collar to adorn her American Bulldog, Montana Blue, so he would appear more approachable to inner city youth as she did outreach work (did I mention her dogs are all titled? Yeah, dog nerds rank high here at Paco Collars).

Almost four years later and Blocky Dogs is now pretty much the benchmark of quality when it comes to nylon. Specializing in outfitting law enforcement dogs and with presence in 16 countries, Blocky Dogs has a reputation and it’s a good one.

Anyhow, since there was a lot of mutual admiration going on, we arranged a barter. . . Rebecca wanted some human accessories and I decided Paco needed a swimmin’ collar. As you can see, the craftsmanship is impeccable. . . and I think the Russian River brings out Paco’s good side!

SBMPB (Single Black Male Pit Bull) seeks same for H2O romps, tug sessions, wiener sniffing, and possible LTR. Must be neutered. No games, please.

Fashion’s new bad boy. . . look how he talks back to photographers!?!

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