I swear we didn’t make this up!

Recently we made a new collar, the “Mega Lola”, for Karma, the spokesdog for Karma Charms.

The collar:

The dog:

The result:

The response:

“OMG THEY ARE HERE!!!!!!!!!!

This has been nearly a year long journey – and we’ve finally hit the jackpot with Paco Collars. I can honestly say – there are no other collars worthy of my dog, or any dog I will own in the future, and you can be absolutely, positively sure, that my next partner will also be decked out in Paco gear. I have no doubt whatsoever that these collars are built to last the rest of Karma’s life…and then some!…

I can not thank you enough Ana, really I can’t. I’m literally crying tears of joy here.


Wags and slobbers,
Dana and Karma, SD
Karma Charms, LLC”

Thanks, Dana, you made our day!

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