Catalog Schmatalog!

After weeks and weeks of grueling labor, countless cups of coffee, and lots of swear words, the catalog is complete! Paco’s pretty stoked about it since he’s been completely neglected the entirety of the project (well, according to him).

Thanks to everyone who contributed pics of your pooch doing their thing in a Paco Collar… you’ll all be getting a copy in the mail so you can entertain friends and family with the story (may be the perfect revenge for those relatives who won’t stop showing you slides of their last Grand Canyon trip, bwahaha!).

Now that we’re ready to distribute this far and wide, we need your help: If you want to see Paco Collars in your favorite store then tell us about them, we’ll take care of the rest. If they mention your name when placing their first order, you earn the Paco collar or leash of your choice!

So, yeah, tell us where to send it!

If you can’t wait to get yours in the mail, here’s a sneak peek.

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