Calling All Dog Nerds!

The weather in the Bay Area is gonna be crappy this weekend so why not indulge in one of the largest indoor activities around and get your dog-nerd on? That’s right, it’s the Golden Gate Kennel Club’s Annual Show at the Cow Palace.

We at Paco Collars make the pilgrimage to this show every year but this is the first time we’ll have a booth (yipee!). Here are the deets:

GGKC show!

The trick is to get there early because there’s *a lot* to see. You may even want to budget two whole days to this event because it is just that jam packed. It’s an “open bench” show meaning you, the visitor, are allowed to meet every dog/breeder at the show. If there’s some random, AKC-recognized breed you’ve never met in person, well, now is your chance!

Leave your personal dog at home because, let’s face it, they’re gonna get jealous. Oh, and the show has a strict no-outside-dog policy. But you can make it up to them by getting them something cool at the show, since there will be vendors from all over the place.

Really, it’s like a dog-lover’s Disneyland, so come on down (and be sure to come say “hi”… we’ll be in the lower section in Building A next to the concession stands)!

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