Shhhh… Super Secret 48 Hour Sale

We’re very excited to announce the launch of all sorts of collaborative goodies that make your life easier and more attractive. You now have several rivet-on Fetching Tag options that you can incorporate into Paco Collar designs, making your creation the most custom and unique on the block.

To celebrate the launch, we are offering a FREE NAME PLATE* for every collar sold in the next 48 hours but there’s a hitch. Like any secret club or speakeasy, you’ve go to know the special phrase which is:

“_____[your dog’s name]____ wishes Xdog better luck next time.”**

If you order your collar through the web, put this phrase in the “notes” box. If you call or come in person, say this phrase before you pay. This way, we know your dog’s name so we can put it on your FREE NAME PLATE (oh, and you get to pick a symbol as well).

Just to make things even more special, if you order an Exclusive collar, you will get an upgrade to a FREE NAME/NUMBER PLATE*, all you have to do is use the same secret code.

This sale begins Tuesday March 29, 2011 at 2 pm PST and ends 48 hours later on Thursday at 2 pm PST, so hurry, order, and use that secret phrase while you can!

* if you want more bits of information than what you earn for free during this sale, we’ll work it out by charging you the difference after the order goes through. Just be sure to let us know you want an upgrade.

** If you need a contextual reason for the secret phrase: Xdog had her first K9 Nosework trial this weekend but, alas, did not earn a title due to a handler error. However, just this morning she was enrolled in another trial happening in late May, for which she’ll need all the luck she can get.

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