Make Me a Magic Buckle!


Customize any of our collar designs with the patent-pending Magic Buckle! A collar with a Magic Buckle can serve as a limited slip leash OR a flat-buckle collar. With a Sam Brown button to help make it convertible, you can have your choice on walks and around the house. This video shows how it works.

The Magic Buckle is perfect for anyone whose dog tends to slip out of their collars during walks. Select this option if you need extra handling control and an extra dose of stye!

All Magic Buckle collars will be tapered down in order to function properly, so a 1.5″-wide collar will taper to a 1″, a 1″-wide collar will taper to a 3/4″, etc. If you want a smaller taper please note what size you want in the notes section during checkout.

Special Buckles

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