Fi Tracker Upgrade


Now you don’t have to sacrifice fashion for peace of mind – you can have both with a Fi Tracker integrated into your Paco Collar! Many of our designs translate flawlessly, but some cannot be modified to fit a Fi, so keep in mind the following when preparing to order this upgrade:

– if you don’t already have a Fi tracker, order one from the Fi website (
– this upgrade comes with brackets so you can insert your own Fi tracker (google instructions online)

Once you have your Fi tracker, select the collar design you want, keeping the following in mind:

– works with 1″ buckle or larger
– must be heavyweight leather
– in-line design works on 14″ neck or larger
– double layer design works on 16″ neck or larger

If the collar that’s in your cart complies with all the above, then you’re good to order this upgrade right now! If your dog’s neck is smaller than 14″ or you need a buckle smaller than 1″, please contact us via email and we can discuss your options

Fi trackers can only be incorporated into new collars… we’re not able to add them to collars that already exist.

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