Add a Border!

Borders are bold. Borders say “look at me.” Borders frame a design and give it a finished look. Borders make a collar “pop” and can make the difference between a collar disappearing in a thick coat or being seen from a distance. Whatever your reason, now you can add the border of your dreams!

Pick the border that best matches your style:

  • Unicorn border – tiny round studs are a delicate accent and add 1/2″ to the width of your chosen collar design
  • Extra border – fun, evenly spaced round studs reflect the light and add 3/4″ to the width of your chosen collar design
  • Riesy border – flat, round studs add a classy look and 3/4″ to the width of your chosen collar design (The Riesy border is currently only available in nickel)
  • Ruadh border – small, square pyramid studs are tightly packed together, giving the look of two solid lines of flashy metal framing the center design. This option adds 3/4″ to the width of the design you’ve chosen

This option will turn a single layer collar into a double layer collar, and will add the specified width to the original design. For instance, choosing an Extra Border to a 1” wide Jojo will make it a 1.75” double layer collar with the 1” Jojo in the middle.

The price will depend on the collar design and your dog’s neck size. Please email us at to work out the details of adding a border to your collar!

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