Paco is Live on Amazon! But We Need Your Feedback

We are so excited to launch our new Amazon store!  It’s been months in the making, taken tons of work, but now it’s up and open for business. Check it out here

But this is where you guys come in: we need reviews. Ask yourself, do you buy anything on Amazon that doesn’t have a review? No. Or maybe you find reviews someplace else and then come back to Amazon to get the best price, but the fact remains that reviews are uber important.

We know that some of you are amazing and will find your Paco Collar and write a review about it out of the goodness of your heart, but the rest of you may need a little, ahem, incentive. That’s cool, we’re not above a little bribery (of sorts).

Here’s the deal: we’re giving you until the 4th of July to get your review in. On that day, we will select one reviewer at random and you will win a Paco gift certificate worth $100. When we say “random” we really mean random, so don’t think that by waxing poetic it will earn you any extra points (though we’d be lying if we said we wouldn’t be flattered). Just give an honest review. If you want to give more than one review that would be awesome (and be more chances to win!) but if you cut and paste the same thing for all of the 100+ products we just added then we might only count it a couple times 😉

So, in recap, write an Amazon review of Paco Collars by July 4th, 2013 and one lucky reviewer (at random) will win a $100 gift certificate! Now… go!

15 thoughts on “Paco is Live on Amazon! But We Need Your Feedback

  1. Lynne Gish says:

    I have several Paco collars on my Australian Shepherds…I can’t decide which of them I like the best so I constantly change their jewelry :-)) Besides making beautiful collars they are fabulous people to work with. Always personally answer the phone immediately and emails within a 24 hrs. Great job guys! Gotta keep shopping cause I have my eyes on more doggie jewelry!!!!

  2. Chris says:

    So excited for you guys !!! I left a review on Amazon… Not only for the chance for the gift certificate but because i think you guys make the best collars ever !!

  3. Molly P says:

    Paco collars are the best!!! I bought a 2″ tan leather with studs and pink rhinestones on one of their sample sales for my Great Dane. I get nothing but compliments and everyone asks where I got it. I am proud to say I love Paco collars and all their products. I will forever be a Paco customer!

  4. Hiwyre says:

    Paco collars rule. Two friends had made their own at a Paco workshop and I just had to get one for Maxie. Black with emerald green and silver bling. Just the think for a wire fox terrier princess!

  5. Janis Jessup says:

    I have two lovely Paco collars! The quality and craftmanship is suburb ! You won’t be disappointed and your dog will be styling like no other!

  6. Michelle Clifton says:

    Paco collars are the best! I have 4 and I want more!! The quality is outstanding and the customer service is top notch. I will only buy Paco collars from now on.

  7. Terri says:

    The Paco collar that I ordered, arrived promptly and perfect. It is a beautiful hand made in America creation….it makes my Doberman look like a queen, you can not go wrong with these collars.

  8. Cherie says:

    We saw Paco collars at a pet fair and were not only impressed with the beautiful and unique designs, but with the quality and guarantee. We have a 100lb pit/mastiff mix and even the nicest collars from pet stores just didn’t look right and they never lasted long. Paco collars are worth every penny – we’ve had our 3 Paco collars for almost a year and they look better now than ever. We ALWAYS have people stop us and ask where we got them. We rescue dogs and love showing off our fosters wearing the Paco collars. Several of our adopters have already ordered their own Paco collars. Since we rescue pitties, it’s wonderful to see how nice they look wearing these beautiful collars.

  9. Leslie says:

    I contacted Paco with an idea for a dog collar. Not only are they the nicest people to deal with, they made the exact collar I asked for and got it to me so fast! I have had other collars made before, let me tell you this was the highest quality one I have ever received and the people are the best!!!

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