Paco Collars Holiday Deadlines

If only we had Santa’s elven work force then deadlines wouldn’t be an issue but, alas, we don’t. However, we have put together this handy guide so you can plan your holiday shopping accordingly:

— from now until December 4th, you can take a gamble. We’ve been producing much faster than our published turnaround times so chances are you will get your goods well before Christmas without having to purchase a RUSH FEE, but that is not a guarantee.

December 5th-15th you will have to purchase a RUSH FEE in order to receive the package by Christmas.

after December 15th we will consider rushes on a case-by-case basis, but you will need to call the studio and speak to someone in order to find out if we have the parts/time/shipping leeway to get the goods to you on time.

Remember, you can always bypass all of this nonsense by simply ordering a GIFT CERTIFICATE. Some may call that the lazy way out, but we consider it a sign of intelligence.

Feel free to call us with any questions at any time, and you can even put in your order over the phone. The studio number is (510) 848-7226 and we are in the studio every day. The store is officially closed Mondays but, if you need to drop by, we’ll let you in.

Happy shopping!

p.s. if you need help procrastinating, watch this video

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