“My Dog Deserves a Paco Collar Because…”

You may remember the winner of a contest we did last year named Moose- because of the exposure from the contest, he was able to be put in touch with the people that would eventually adopt him!

We heard so many great stories during that contest, we’ve decided to do it again and this time we upped the ante so the stakes are even higher…

You know your dog deserves the best and let’s face it, that pretty much means a Paco Collar, but it’s up to you to convince us and everyone else.

Here’s how it works:

1. Post a picture of your dog on the wall of our Facebook Page.

2. Tell us why your dog  deserves a Paco Collar.

3. Get your friends and family to “Like” the photo you posted on our wall.

4. The picture with the most “Likes” wins a collar for the dog *AND* a collar to the Rescue Organization of your choice.

Feel free to be as clever as you need to be in explaining exactly why your dog, above all others, deserves a Paco Collar. We don’t care if your dog has a string of rescues that puts Lassie to shame or if their sole skill is “footwarmer,” we want to hear what you have to say about them.

What’s that? You say your dog is swimming in Paco Collars and couldn’t possibly use another one? Well then use your powers for good and make the case for a needy dog. Post a photo of a needy dog you know of and say how a Paco Collar would change their life.

Popularity contests can be unfair, so know that…

5. Paco Collars, the company, will also pick a second winner, based solely on quality of the entry!

They’ll get a collar and be able to give one to a Rescue Organization too!

What does that mean? It means you have a chance to wow us, like really wow us with the quality of your plea, so don’t hold back!

The contest starts as soon as this post goes live and runs through May 30th at 7pm PST, winners will be announced Tuesday, May 31st. Feel free to bug us with any questions.

Now go tell us why Your Dog Deserves a Paco Collar!

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