More designs are going into retirement…

Sadly, we have to say goodbye to a few more of our favorite designs. We got the heads up that these conchos will be discontinued shortly, so we are now taking the last orders for these items before they go away forever. The collars affected are:

The Milan Heart

The Isaboo

and The Rhinestone Cowboy

We’re super bummed to say good-bye to these designs as they are some of our most popular, but we promise to replace them with equally compelling designs. We’ll take orders through this week but after that they could get pulled at any time as we figure out how many our suppliers can find for us…

4 thoughts on “More designs are going into retirement…

  1. Sheila C says:

    The Isaboo is one of my favorites.  Been waiting until I could afford to order for my beautiful red nose, Cayenne. I’m sure I will find another one that will look as nice on her as this one would have.

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