Help Roc, help yourself.

One of our favorite customers, Roc, has had an incredibly rough year, medically. It’s hard to imagine his sturdy little 9 year old Staffy body enduring what it has, but he’s been suffering from seizures, pancreatitis, and now a possible obstruction or tumor.

As we await the news to find out if he’ll make it, his mom is strapped with vet bills that have exceeded all lines of available credit and depleted her savings. Fortunately Roc’s veterinarian is also a huge fan and is working to cut costs where they can, but that still leaves a gap.

To raise money, Roc’s mom is offering her talent at a discount. If you’ve ever wanted a custom portrait of your pet, now is the time to act. For the month of February, custom, print-ready portraits which are normally $50 are now only $25. Just check out the quality of work:

For reference, the original:

You get an amazing portrait and you help a dog in need, what more could you ask for? Contact her at today.

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