Halloween Costume Contest!

It’s Halloween costume contest time!  Normally we have multiple winners for our contests but this time we’re changing it up… only ONE dog will walk away with a limited edition Dia de Los Muertos collar.  Here’s how it works:
— from now until 5 pm PST Saturday October 29, 2011, post your favorite picture of your dog in costume on our Facebook wall
— a jury (ahem, us) will review the entries and pick a winner, to be announced Monday Oct 31 (Halloween).
— the winner will be chosen based solely on the discretion of the jury.  The following criteria will be taken into consideration and will play a role in the decision making, though even we can’t predict one will take precedence over the others.  However, you should aim for:

* creativity, originality… make us laugh!

* popularity… vote on your favorite costumes and get friends to root for you!

* kissing ass… extra points if you can somehow work “Paco Collars” into your costume or caption 😉

* in-person appearance… we love dogs, we love costumes, if you can make it to our Dia de los Perros party with your dog in costume you will make us very happy.

Remember, only one dog can win the limited edition Dia de los Muertos collar, but these contests are as much about enjoying everyone else’s pictures as they are winning, so let’s have some fun! And may the spooooookiest dog win!

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