Free Dog Advice Thursday!

Since a lot of our job is comprised of giving advice to dog owners, we figured we’d formalize the deal by offering a weekly time slot for exactly that purpose.

Introducing “Free Dog Advice Thursdays” at the shop from 5-7 pm! If you have a question about your four-legged friend, feel free to drop by during that time and ask away. We’re not licensed vets, we’re not certified trainers, but we can let you know if you need to see one or if your issue is something that can be easily fixed at home. Remember, you get what you pay for, but sometimes getting a fresh perspective can put you on the right track. Anything from house training your puppy, grooming basics, or knowing when you need to go to the vet. Bring us your problems!

What: Free Dog Advice Thursdays
When: Every Thursday 5-7 pm
Where: Paco Collars Studio, Berkeley
Cost: Free!
Notes: Please leave your dog in your car until instructed otherwise. Consults are limited to 5 minutes or as time allows.

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