Dog Moms Rule!

Last year, as Mother’s Day approached, we celebrated the addition of Aloo into the Paco family and mused about how dog moms deserved the same recognition as human moms.

This year the tables have turned, and we’re welcoming a human baby into the Paco family, Levi! Gotta admit, it’s quite a bit different having a two-legged puppy around. On one hand there are a lot of similarities between dogs and babies, but on the other hand there are some pretty big differences (like how you’re not supposed to crate babies).  Overall it makes us appreciate the job all moms do, so we figured we’d like to take this time to show our appreciation in the form of a sale!

From Tuesday May 7th through Tuesday May 14, enjoy 20% OFF with coupon code:


Moms really do deserve recognition 52 weeks a year, so this is the least we can do!

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