Contest: Make Us Laugh!

Here’s how it works:

Post a funny picture of your dog on our Facebook fan page, then get your friends to comment. The picture with the most comments wins!

We will also have a runner-up winner for the photo we, the collective entity known as “Paco Collars,” finds the funniest. You have complete free reign in this contest. You can caption the picture, use photoshop, let it speak for itself, submit more than once… the field is wide open. Anarchy encouraged!

Oh wait, should probably mention what you win… a Paco Collar, of course! Well, minus “Exclusive” models, though a win will count for $100 toward an “Exclusive” model or super custom piece.

We will also change our computer desktop to your photo for the week, a spot reserved for only the funniest of pictures (seriously, come in the store and ask to look at our desktop sometime… it will make you smile, guaranteed).

The cut-off date is this Thursday March 4 at around midnight and we’ll announce the winner this Friday so you have a full work day to bask in your glory.

Now stop reading this and go get to making us laugh!

2 thoughts on “Contest: Make Us Laugh!

  1. Meghan says:

    Quiet interesting contest. Have you heard of Laugh-a-Laugh contest? I got a recent tweet about that and have started participating in it to win $100 Apple gift card

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