Standard Leash


The Standard Leash is both strong and beautiful, everything you need for running on the beach and strutting down city streets. As the leather breaks in, it will acquire a classic patina and become buttery soft in your hands. And of course, a Paco leash will complement your pet’s new Paco wardrobe. Pick from any length (3′ to 6′) and a variety of widths. If you need a more custom leash, check out the Build Your Own Leash option!

Not sure what width and weight of leather you need? Here are our recommendations:

  • Lightweight leather is best for small dogs weighing 15-20 pounds or less. Would be okay for larger dogs who do not pull on walks.
  • Heavyweight leather is recommended for dogs over 20 pounds and dogs who pull on walks.
  • 5/8″ and 3/4″ are our best selling leash widths in both heavy and lightweight leathers as they are comfortable in the hand while still being incredibly strong. Great for small to mid size dogs (20-50 pounds).
  • 1″ wide leashes are only recommended for heavyweight leather, and are best suited for larger dogs who pull heavily on walks and/or dogs over 80 pounds.
  • Please note that these are only rough guidelines, and leash needs vary widely from pet to pet. Still not sure? Email us and we’ll tell you what you need!
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