• Are you closing???

Heck no! We’re moving to a new space just about a mile away. Same crew, same awesome product, same top-notch customer service – just a rad new place!


  • Where are you moving?

2245 Fifth Street, Berkeley, CA 94710. (We think it has a nice ring to it.) While we’ll be sad to leave our beloved Berkeley Bowl, we’re ecstatic to move just minutes away from Berkeley Bowl West!


  • When are you moving?

Our last shop day on Shattuck will be July 6th. We’ll be open in our new place July 15th!


  • Are you going to have the same hours?

As with many other high-end brands, we’re moving to appointment only. Want to come see us? Just use our handy-dandy appointment scheduler (TBA) and select the appointment that’s right for you! We’ll be here for your fittings, consultations, repairs, and pickups just like always. We will also be answering the phone more!


  • Wait, so I can still come by and shop?

Of course! We might have limited staff on the weekend or with super short notice, but feel free to bring your dogs, buy some collars, and grab lunch at the dog-friendly café right around the corner.


  • What about sending back repairs?

It will be the same process as before, just with a new address. From now on, send all repairs to 2245 Fifth Street, Berkeley, CA 94710.


  • I’ll miss the shop!

We will, too, but we’re beyond excited to set up in our new, light and airy space. We’re taking all the art and building a really special new home. We can’t wait for you to stop by and see it.


  • When is the party?

We’ll keep you posted but planning for the beginning of August!


More questions? Just shoot us an email at or call us at (510) 848-7226. Our number and email will stay the same!