Everything (and more) you wanted to know about The P.A.C. (Paco Affiliate Crew)

How does The P.A.C. work?

After you apply and are approved to be an affiliate, you will receive a unique website link to give to customers (and the ability to generate more custom links). When a person uses your link, you will earn 10% of the total sale as earnings (15% if you choose Gift Card payout), which will be visible in your dashboard.

How do I get paid?

Accounts with over a $50 balance at the end of the month will be paid out before the end of the next month via your preferred payout method (PayPal, Zelle, or Paco Gift Card). For instance, if you have a $150 balance on March 31, you will automatically receive payment before April 30. Those choosing PayPal or Zelle will earn a 10% commission rate, those who choose Paco Gift Card will earn a 15% rate.

When can I start?

We want to make sure every member of The P.A.C. has the skills to guide a customer and answer basic questions, so folks can make an educated purchase. For instance, we have a 20% restock fee if a customer orders a wrong size, you could risk losing the commission if a dissatisfied customer cancels their order, etc, so we put together a basic training.

  1. Request to follow @paco_people instagram page
  2. Review the pinned posts (the ones in the top rows with a pushpin icon)
  3. Once you’ve reviewed all the pinned posts, DM the @paco_people page with “I’m ready to take the quiz!”
  4. Take the quiz (don’t worry, it’s easy!)
  5. When you pass, your affiliate link will be activated!

What types of orders can I earn money for?

Any website order that is put in through your affiliate link will add to your earnings. 

**We are not able to allot credit to your account for orders we have to manually enter by hand (ie super custom orders).** This will be a very important distinction for you when deciding when to walk a friend/customer through the ordering process and when to pass them on to us… we’ll get into that later.

How will I know what style of collar I should recommend to someone?

The @paco_people Instagram page is a library of information geared to help you guide a customer through the ordering process. Many folks don’t know where to begin, since there are nearly infinite choices on the website. Through decades of styling dogs, we know the most flattering color combos, how to achieve a proper fit, and determine what special features might benefit each dog/human combo. We will be distilling that knowledge into lessons to help you also be able to make informed recommendations and address any customer questions.

Additionally, if you have questions, use DM through the Instagram group and *not* email or Messenger (unless Instagram is down).

What kind of customizations can people select on the website?

Leather color

Hardware color

Stone color

Neck size

Buckle size

Buckle Upgrade

Lazy lasso upgrade

What is the notes section for?

The notes section (at check out) is where you can give us additional information about the order, information that will help us make the collar perfectly.  Some examples of notes would be:

Dog’s exact measurements so we can tweak the size (“14.5 middle hole”)

Additional stone information (“purple to blue rhinestone ombre but no aqua”)

Pertinent information about the dog/breed (“Checkers is a 13 month old bullmastiff so make 23” the first hole, do 6 holes for growth”)

What kind of customizations cannot be ordered through the website?

A brand new design

Add a Border

Fi upgrades

If a customer comes to you with any of these requests, send them to us right away. These are the types of orders that need to be entered manually and there is no way for us to give you credit for the referral. Best to save yourself the work from the get-go.

Also let the customer know immediately that they’ll have to work with us for a custom quote, and that you will not receive credit for the order. In many cases, knowing they won’t be helping out a pal is enough to have them switch to a design/style/option that *can* be ordered through the site (which saves us all a lot of work, lol).

When you send a customer to us, instruct them to email info@pacocollars.com (or make an appointment at the shop if they’re local to us)

Note: there are instances where we could walk you through ordering a “custom” collar on the site if the customization is straightforward enough (for instance, a Royal Jojo is not yet an option of the website, but a Royal Frankie is. A Jojo and a Frankie cost the same, so you could have customer order a Royal Frankie and write in notes “make top strip a Jojo pattern instead”). These are a case by case basis though so DM through Instagram to find out if it’s do-able 

Also note that we are developing a system where elite PAC members will be able to submit super custom orders and receive credit. Stay tuned!

How do I ask a question?

DM through the @paco_people IG page! Ana Poe will be monitoring that page and answering messages at least once daily. If a question is general enough then there could be a post about it as you’re probably not the only one with that same question! 

You might have more questions at first as we wait for the IG library of information to get filled, but the hope is that eventually most of the answers to your questions can be found in the posts.

Ana doesn’t often check the email or Messenger so anything sent there might flounder.

How will people know to order Paco through me?

Well, that’s up to you! You can be as vocal or as private as you want about the fact that you’re an affiliate. You can use it as a perk only for your closest circle, or you could create an entire side business out of Paco sales. 

As you hit certain benchmarks you will be rewarded with Paco schwag, so it will be easier to identify you as a Paco Person and resource. 

There’s gonna be a Paco booth near my friend, can I send them there but still get credit for the sale?

Totally! Send them our way and we can help collar-match them and then show them how to order through the site (make sure they have your link ahead of time). We generally have enough stuff that they can walk away with something. 

Only way it wouldn’t count towards your credit would be if they decided to custom order something really complicated that we have to enter manually back at the shop.

I’m attending an event and would love to have a Paco display… can I do that?

Let’s talk! If you’re an affiliate who is performing well, we can talk about options for showcasing Paco at events. Options could be signage, business cards, or even display collars (with proper collateral). We want to help you in any way we can!

Can I use my affiliate link to order stuff for myself?

Yeah, duh. The more Paco you have, the more examples you have to show other people so go for it!