Paco Collars is not your ordinary dog collar company. With a unique blend of stunning designs, dedication to handcraftsmanship, social consciousness and a sense of humor, Paco Collars is a new breed of company in the pet industry.

UC Berkeley graduate Ana Poe founded Paco Collars in 2002. Working as head trainer in a dog day care facility, Poe turned her leather leash making skills toward collar design and Paco Collars was born.

Founded on the principle of artistic integrity, each piece is made by hand from scratch using the highest quality materials on the market. Latigo leather, the same leather used in horse tack, is the base for all products and is specially treated to withstand all weather conditions, making every Paco Collars product one that will stand the test of time.

Of course, lasting forever is of no use unless it also looks good, and Paco Collars excels at combining strength with style. By offering both classic and trendy designs, they are able to satisfy every customer, and a rotating selection of goods means shoppers are never bored.

Currently, Paco Collars boasts several employees, an army of interns, and strives to improve the lives of dogs everywhere by continually donating to non-profits that benefit animals.

So if the idea of getting a quality handmade product stylish enough to impress all your friends and strong enough to last the lifetime of your pet wasn’t a good enough reason to buy a Paco Collar, also know that you’re supporting animals everywhere by buying from a company that loves them as much as you do.

Paco Collars can be found on the internet and in many fine retail establishments across the United States and the world. To order, or to see a current listing of retail stores that carry Paco Collars products, please visit their wildly entertaining website at:


Paco Collars
2905 Shattuck Ave.

Berkeley, CA 94705