Virtual Fitting


So you know you want a Paco Collar, but you’re having trouble making a decision.  You’ve perused the website but still can’t visualize what would look best.  That’s why we’re excited to offer Virtual Fittings!
In a Virtual Fitting, you will get the opportunity to see the designs and color combinations you like on your dog so there’s no guessing involved. It’s the next best thing to coming into the shop or seeing us at a show!  Once you provide us the following bits of information, we can show you your options, suggest some of our own, and even follow up with a live consultation if you need it.  The cost of this service is a $40 deposit, which will go toward the cost of the collar you select.
So here’s what we need…
Basically we want to emulate the fit that you prefer for your dog, and want to make sure we get it absolutely spot-on.
1.  A profile picture of your dog wearing the collar that you think fits best.  The photograph should be taken from the dog’s level, in perfect profile, neck at about a 45 degree angle, let their ears hang down and their coat be however it wants to be.
2. A photo of the collar you used for picture 1, lined up on a ruler like the picture attached.  If it’s a buckle collar, from the center of the buckle.  If it’s a quick release collar, then the open end at zero.
3. Same exact picture of the dog, but this time naked so we can use it to “try on collars”
4. Tell us what you like! What designs are you drawn toward, what color combinations do you like, how wide a collar your dog can pull off… maybe you have no idea and just want our suggestions, we can do that, too!
After you purchase this option then you’ll e-mail us this list to and we can go from there.  Remember, we’re always happy to give you free advice on what we think would look best, but this service goes the extra step and can *show* you exactly what your dream collar will look like.